Exhibition news - H_A_R_D_P_A_I_N_T_I_N_G January 13 - 11 February (Preview 12 January 6pm)

Please come visit my upcoming exhibition in January 2018 curated by Ian Boutell, Philip Cole, Stig Evans and myself.

Exhibiting artists - Ian Boutell, John Bunker, Philip Cole, Stig Evans, Tess Jaray, Johanna Melvin, Patrick O’Donnell

Seven contemporary abstract painters explore the possibilities inherent in space, colour, line and edge, and seek to develop a conversation around the language of paint. The exhibition presents a collection of paintings that have been developed through pre-meditated and choreographed processes; in developing the images, the artists favour intention over accident.

The exhibition and associated activities encourage a wide-ranging and rigorous dialogue around contemporary painting practice and raises questions, provocations and tentative assertions. Here are some of the assertions the would like to test: 

What is hard painting?
Painting that is hard edged, non-figurative and abstract?
Painting that endures?
Painting that is a complex and esoteric distillation of ideas?

Hard Painting eflyer.jpg